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"The day of the recital was a complete thrill for Sarah and all of us. From your introduction and obvious love of music and teaching music to the true pressure-free environment which you provide for your students. I tell absolutely everyone about Nassau Suffolk Music Lessons because I truly believe if Maggie had been my piano teacher when I took lessons at Sarah's age I would have continued to play.

Sarah enjoyed playing in the recital so much that she asked me if she had to wait until next year to do it again, or would there be another one sooner. What a remarkable experience!" - M. Cavanagh

Recital FAQ's

Can students of all ages participate?
Absolutely! Age is never a factor in sharing your music.

What if my young musician has just started lessons?
Not a problem. Even if a child simply plays a short song with one hand or demonstrates their knowledge of white and black keys, we would love to see them participate! The recital is about celebrating the music you are willing to share, not about how advanced you are.

What if my child gets very nervous?
The Nassau Suffolk Music Lessons recital is set up to be a supportive and nurturing environment. If a child is nervous or afraid, we will do everything possible to assist them in getting past the fear. A student can have their teacher up with them, or their parents can join them on the stage or even their entire family! Whatever it takes for the child to feel more comfortable and create feelings of success for themselves.

Is the recital a competition?
Definitely not! The Nassau Suffolk Music Lessons recital is a celebration of our student’s desire to share their music, as well as their accomplishments. Students of all ages and abilities are combined at all recitals. There are no beginner recitals or advanced recitals. We feel that the more advanced students can motivate the more novice students and the novice students get to remind the advanced students how they sounded when they just started out. It’s a win-win for all!

Do all students get trophies?
Yes! The trophy is an acknowledgment of something special that the student’s Nassau Suffolk Music Lessons facilitator recognizes in the student. It could be an award for musicianship or musical progress or spirit or enthusiasm, just to name a few. All students have something special to recognize about them.

Where can I get directions to the recital site?
You’re directions will be printed on the back of the tickets you purchase from your Nassau Suffolk Music Lessons facilitator, as well on the confirmation email you receive upon registering on-line.

How long is each show?
Nassau Suffolk Music Lessons tries to keep each recital to a maximum of 90 minutes. Most recitals finish in 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Does my child participate in all of the recitals?
No, each performer performs in one recital, which you chose when you register on-line.

What is the attire for my performer?
Dress your best and be comfortable.