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Unless you are deaf, you are not tone deaf. You may be an “untuned” singer, and that can be fixed too. These complaints are simply excuses because….if you can hear, you can sing! Whether you are a beginner or professional, fond of classical or pop, your singing can successfully reach the next level through the Nassau Suffolk Music Lessons vocal program.

The non-traditional approach at Nassau Suffolk Music Lessons allows each student to design their own program suitable to achieving their own goals. While the level of skill from student to student greatly varies, the approach is similar in that it is easy to understand, fun and formulated to quickly achieve results. Remember, you don’t need to be born with a “gifted” voice to gain greater skill, achieve excellence and enjoy singing for many years to come!

If singing is something you enjoy, do it. Whether you’re singing with the radio or on stage, it is obviously making your heart happy. Perhaps, for you, singing along with the radio is not enough anymore. Perhaps you want to wow the audience at karaoke night and need some vocal coaching. You may already have an idea of how you want to sound but are having a challenge is executing that sound. Maybe you’ve already been singing professionally and feel stale and stagnant in your skills. Doing gig after gig can become tedious and take away the love of singing or performing, which is why you started performing in the first place!

When studying voice, allow yourself to be open to all possibilities in nurturing your voice and discovering its uniqueness. By being committed and quieting that little voice of doubt, singing can become one of the most enjoyable and rewarding parts of your life!

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